Sunday 08/07/22

Live Stream Performance  

 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

A Complimentary Live Stream. Tonight's theme "Songs from the Past & Present" Watch: 

Malea: lead vocals, Kit Taylor: keys/vocals, Steve Morgan: bass, Eric Austin: sax, Fred Ingram: drums 

Friday 09/23/22

Wilf's Restaurant and Jazz Bar 

800 NW 6th Avenue 

Portland, OR. 97209

Ph. 503.223.0070 

7:00 PM -  9:30 PM

$10. Cover Charge.

Malea: lead vocals, Kit Taylor: piano/vocals, Steve Morgan: bass, Eric Austin: sax, Fred Ingram: drums sharing great selections from the American Song Book as well as some other great genre' surprises!   



Saturday 10/29/22

Birch Street Uptown Lounge 

311 NE Birch Street 

Camas, Wa. 98607

Ph. 360.210.7219

8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Malea: lead vocals, Kit Taylor: piano/vocals, Eric Austin: sax always enjoy playing at this "Classic Style" venue with a vintage style.   

No Door.

To Our Dear Fans,

Updated Message August 2022  

We've made it through 2+ years of a pandemic.  And we're excited to be playing some live gigs with more in the the works!  

We will also continue to share our Live Streams with you that we started in May 2020 to keep us all connected. 

On that note.. If you've been waiting to enjoy some great Live Music or/and know of someone, a venue, a private event, an upcoming wedding, we hope you will keep us in mind and share our bands info.  We promise to provide you with the utmost best performance of 2022 ~  We're ready to dress up & entertain you!!! 

And if you'd like to know how you can support us / live music ~ the most direct way is to buy our Cd's available here on the music page/ album link or/and digital download via Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music. 


We Greatly Appreciate Your Support To Live Music, 

Malea: lead vocals, Kit Taylor: keys/vocals, Steve Morgan: bass, Eric Austin: tenor sax/clarinet, Fred Ingram: drums